During this past season, I’ve been considering this in light of Proverbs 22:3 – “A prudent man sees danger and takes refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.” There is a fair amount of wisdom that comes with seeing potential danger and preparing for it. During softball, keeping your eye on the ball greatly reduces the risk of you getting hurt. Even though it’s still summer, winter is coming. There are all sorts of things we do in this part of the country to prepare for this changing of seasons. We seal our windows, we fill in drafty holes in our houses, farmers winterize their machinery, we resupply our wood piles and fill our propane tanks. Perhaps Aesop’s fable of the ant and the grasshopper comes to mind. While the ant works tirelessly, the grasshopper goofs around all summer long. Once winter hits, the ant is well supplied and safe while the grasshopper is left with nothing. This is the principle this Proverb is getting at. There is wisdom in our attempts to discern potential dangers which may be coming our way. At the same time, the fear of “what if” shouldn’t keep you from enjoying different aspects of your life. No one wants to get hit by a ball at a softball game but if you spend the whole game in fear of what could happen, you won’t enjoy yourself.

However, there is a risk for this mentality to enter the realm of paranoia. If you’d like an example of this, look up “Doomsday Preppers” on your favorite search engine and prepare to be entertained for the foreseeable future. Believing some sort of apocalypse is inevitable, these preppers have constructed bunkers in remote locations which are stocked floor to ceiling with canned goods. I guess they really like spam?

Fortunately, Jesus brings further clarity to the truth of this Proverb in Matthew 6:25-34. To quote directly from verse 27: “Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?” Asking in this manner carries the indirect and compassionate invitation to cast off a fair amount of our stress and anxiety. Jesus directly tells His followers three times in these verses, “Do not worry.” And yet we do. We worry about what tomorrow will bring, what our friends and family think of us, about how our children can stay safe and healthy, about what the future holds for the Church, about how we might feed our families, and the list continues. In our sinfulness, doubt creeps into the back of our mind about what potentially could happen. Do you think that God doesn’t see you? Do you believe He doesn’t know exactly what you’re going through and what tomorrow has in store? We read some meaning into this passage a bit; the mentality of the “American Dream” leads us to read that if we follow God, then He will shower us with nothing but blessings. Jesus is not saying that there won’t be trouble tomorrow; He is saying that today’s troubles are enough for us. He points us back to a part of the prayer He taught His disciples in the previous chapter: that God would give us our daily bread. There is peace to be found in the fact that God, knowing what is in store for us tomorrow, is with us in the storm of today. 

Pastor Dan


Preaching Rotation  & Worship Texts

August 4

9:00 a.m.            Zion-Sarps.  (Pr. Mark) “What Does the Bible say About Life Issues?”

9:00 a.m.            Kvam (Pr. Dan)   “What Does the Bible Say About Baptism?”

10:30 a.m.         Tord. (Pr. Mark) “What does the Bible Say about Life Issues?”

August 11 (Parish Picnic)

10:30 a.m.         Threshing Grounds (Pr. Mark)

August 18

9:00 a.m.            Zion-Sarps. (Pr. Dan)  “What Does the Bible Say About Baptism?”

9:00 a.m.            Kvam (Pr. Mark)  “What Does the Bible say About Life Issues?”

10:30 a.m.         Tord. (Pr. Dan) “What Does the Bible Say About Baptism?”

August 25

9:00 a.m.            Zion-Sarps. (Pr. Mark)  “What Does the Bible say About Christian Lifestyle Choices?”

9:00 a.m.            Kvam (Pr. Dan) “Why Are There So Many Different Churches?”

10:30 a.m.         Tord. (Pr. Mark) “What Does the Bible Say About Christian Lifestyle Choices?”



Zion-Sarps.       August 4

Tordenskjold     August 18

Kvam               August 25


August Council Meetings

Tordenskjold – Aug. 5, 7:00 pm (Deacons @ 6:00)

Zion-Sarps. – Aug. 6 @ 7:30 pm (Deacons @ 6:30)

Kvam – Aug. 8 @ 7:00 pm (Deacons @ 6:00)


Parish Outdoor Worship & Picnic

Join us for worship on August 11 at the Dalton Threshing Grounds at 10:30 a.m. followed by a picnic.  Invite a friend and enjoy this time together as we worship together.  Following the service a picnic lunch will be served.  Bring your lawn chair.  We are asking each congregation for the following: 

Zion-Sarpsborg: Hotdish

Tordenskjold:  Salad

Kvam: Dessert

Plates, forks & beverages will be provided


Mark Trammell Quartet

We had a great night of music and fellowship with the Mark Trammell Quartet!  Thanks to all who helped sponsor the night and to all who shared in the freewill offering and refreshments



LRPTA Community Worship Service

Let’s gather together as a community for worship on Sunday, September 8 at 9:00 a.m. during the Lake Region Pioneer Threshermen’s Reunion in Dalton.  Pastor James L. Johnson, AFLC Home Missions Director, will bring the message.  We will be assembling a Community Choir the Sunday worship service.  Please consider being a part of this!    We will practice on Wednesday, September 4 at 7 p.m at Zion-Sarpsborg and at 8:15 a.m. before the service on September 8th. 


Ushers & Greeters August 2019


Aug. 4: Mike & Tammy Mark

Aug. 11: Bill & Becky Sonmor

Aug. 18: Paul & Kathryn Vukonich

Aug. 25: Bill & Deanna Aasness


Greeters:  Earl & Julie Fietek

Ushers:  Jacob & Earl Fietek


Softball 2019.JPG

2019 Softball

The 2019 church softball season came to a close with a loss to Life church during the last night of playoff games. We had a solid season with a great group of players. Chris Mortenson swung a big bat this year leading the team in home runs (13), RBIs (39), and batting average (0.643). Tony Peterson tallied the most singles (27). Josh Bollyt from Calvary Free Lutheran scored the most runs (25). Mark Vukonich led the team in walks (11) and along with Terry Burgau performed the majority of the pitching. We were pleased to add Ty, Kolby, and Terry Burgau, Isaac Johnson, and Drake and Slade Moore, and Dustin Arndt to the roster this year. They were great assets to the team both defensively and offensively.  Thanks to everyone who played and a special nod to the fans who regularly attended our games. A spirit of camaraderie and Christian brotherhood was ever-present, and the season was a sincere joy for me to coach and participate.

Paul Vukonich



September. . .

4th – Confirmation parents/students meeting @ 6:00 pm at Zion-Sarpsborg

6th – The Hainings @ Dalton Threshing, concert/supper beginning at 5:30 p.m.

8th – Community Worship at Threshing Grounds, 9:00 a.m.

11th – Confirmation begins

15th – Sunday School begins in the Parish


Confirmation Parent Meeting

On Wednesday, September 4th at 6 p.m. there will be a Parent/Student Confirmation Meeting at Zion-Sarpsborg for students grade 8-9.  At this time we will share the schedule for the year, pick up books and share expectations for a great year of learning together!  FLY will meet at 7 p.m. following the meeting.    The first day of confirmation class will be Wednesday, September 11.



Take Time to Pray

Often overlooked, but vitally crucial….prayer!  As we gear up for a new year of ministry I want to challenge us to spend more time in prayer.  “There were continually devoting themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.” (Acts 2:42)  God moved in the early church.  The church grew in love for each other and the lost.  We continue to have a great opportunity to be a light in our communities, families and with many who need Jesus.  Here are things that we can pray for:

  • The salvation of souls who need Jesus.

  • Spiritual growth in the lives of children, teens and adults.

  • Revival in our nation, churches and community.

  • The start of a new Sunday school year, for students, teachers and helpers.

  • Parish FLY as they meeting on Wednesday nights.

  • Various Bible Study Groups that are meeting and will begin meeting this Fall.

  • Leadership Teams/Church Councils. For vision, direction and wisdom.

  • Young adults as they begin or go back to college.

  • Pray for our pastors and families.

  • Pray for each other and those in our families who may be struggling in any way.

God is power.  He is good and He answers! 

Pastor Mark