The Dalton Free Lutheran Parish will be hosting a Vacation Bible School from Sunday, June 16 - Friday, June 21 at Zion/Sarpsborg (located on the North side of Dalton).


Families are welcome to join us on Sunday night (6:00pm) for games, food, and fellowship at our kick-off party at Zion/Sarpsborg! If you’d like to register, please fill out the following form for each student you’ll have attending!

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More information about the ball clinic can be found below!
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What’s new:

Throughout the week, Pastor Dan will be hosting a series of Culture Workshops during VBS. These Workshops are open to everyone and are built around having a conversation as cultural trends are examined through the lens of a Biblical Worldview. Please join us for this opportunity and feel free to invite others to come along!

Ball Clinic

With the exception of Wednesday, we will be hosting a baseball clinic at the Dalton Ball Field during the week of VBS. The Ball Clinic will begin at 4:00pm and will end at 5:30pm. Students who wish to participate are strongly encouraged to bring a glove, a full water bottle, and a sack lunch to eat before VBS begins. After the clinic, we will walk over to Zion/Sarpsborg for the start of VBS.