In 1869, the first settlers arrived in what would later become the village of Dalton.  It would be 42 years before a church building was built within the town.  Construction of Zion church began in 1911 and was completed in 1915.  Sarpsborg church was built in 1875 south of where the Parkdale schoolhouse still stands.  A new church was constructed in the same location the summer of 1893 to accommodate a growing congregation.

After Sarpsborg church was destroyed by fire in 1986, its members worshiped with Zion Free Lutheran.  In January, 1989, Zion and Sarpsborg formally united, become one congregation known as Zion-Sarpsborg Free Lutheran Church.

In the fall of 1990, congregational meetings were held to discuss the possibility of building a new place of worship.  Although the present building had served its congregation well since 1911, it now needed costly repairs.  At a special congregational meeting on October 28, 1990, a vote was taken on the issue of constructing a new church building.  The vote was 67% in favor of the building, and plans were begun shortly after.